About Us


To become the premiere go-to name for all custom monogram needs.

To become a successful business that enables and strengthens local Filipino communities with livelihood opportunities.

About Monogram Style Ph
The Company was established on July 2015 by a couple, Mary Grace Sardea and Lord Tristan Sardea. They were then joined by their sisters Kathleen Santiago- Sagyaman, Annie Laurie Doriano, and Inah Andaya-Santiago. Their combined love for crafts and custom-made items inspired the decision to establish the business of monogramming.
Most of Monogram Style Ph’s products can be personalized with no minimum purchase required. They can cater from single retail purchase to corporate bulk orders.

The product line-up initially consisted of the following:

• Silver Jewelry Necklace
• Silver Jewelry Bracelet
• Silver Jewelry Earrings
• Canvas Bags
• Shoe Bag, Dust Bag
• Zipper Pouch, Tissue Pouch
• Wood Plant Box
• Wood Chopping Board
• Wood Cheeseboard
• Wood Wine Holder
• Wood Coaster
• Wood Tray
• Wood Pen Organizer 
• Wood Crate
• Wood Candle Holder
• Wood Tissue Box
• Cotton-Spandex Shirt
• Cotton Pajama and Cotton Shorts

Recently, Monogram Style Ph expanded their furniture products to include small wooden, commercial foldable display racks, and even outdoor wood signage.

As an Enterprise...
Monogram Style Ph aims to provide a one-stop shopping experience for every stylish, savvy, and smart shopper who is looking for special custom-made products.

The intended market for retail purchases are women ages 20–65. However, ongoing developments include a product line for men such as personalized stainless flasks, men leather bags, leather passport holders, cuff links, silver key chains, and more.

...with a Heart
Monogram Style Ph takes pride in claiming that all of their products are 100% locally made, with 80% of the productions as carefully handcrafted. Monogram Style Ph aims to inspire low-profile communities to enrich their livelihood capabilities by providing jobs and projects to its members.

Currently, Monogram Style Ph is in support of the following communities:

* Sewing jobs for unemployed mothers or housewives, as well as out-of-school young adults in Barrio Lucnab, Baguio City, considered one of the most low-profile communities in the city.
* Rendering jobs for all jewelry products to a low-key freelance silversmith from Marilao, Bulacan: a small town regularly infiltrated by disastrous flood.
* Woodwork projects to seasonal carpenters from the small rural town of Mauban in Quezon.

The people behind Monogram Style Ph witnessed firsthand the frustrating situations of the aforementioned communities, which are their hometowns. They also witnessed how talented and hardworking their people are, and how they simply needed an opportunity.
Such was the driving force behind the decision of Monogram Style Ph to establish a business that incorporates their various products—as a means to showcase each respective community’s talents—with the opportunity to provide them a means for stable livelihood.

By God’s grace and blessing, the management of Monogram Style Ph hopes to be successfully sustainable in this business in order to be a blessing to more communities.